Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gundam Age Episode 1 Review

Finally the much talked about Gundam Age anime has officially started. I managed to catch the first episode. The plot pace is pretty fast with the enemy attacking the main character's colony within the first 10 min of the show.
The enemy which is the mobile sut, Gafran, looks pretty decent. They exudes a mysterious feeling casting questions where they are from and why they are destroying cities. The grunt unit, Genoace, made its appearance although it seems like cannon fodder to the Gafran. When Flit in the Gundam Age uses the Genoace's beam rifle on the Gafran, it hardly makes a scratch. Thus this says much about the firepower of the Genoace.
Then it is a show of Gundam Age's power as Flit uses the beam saber on the Gafran and it does prove effective. So far I can say I was pretty satisfied with the flow of the story so far. It is still too early to tell as it is only the first episode. We have to wait for the next episode to find out if the series is as good as their creators deem it to be ...XD

Link to Episode 1

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