Thursday, August 25, 2011

Latest Update on Gundam Unicorn Episode 4

Episode 4 At the bottom of the Gravity Well
 Here is the latest update from the Gundam Unicorn official website. The newest update includes the introduction of some new Mobile Suits and characters.

The conflict surrounding Laplace's Box has spread to Earth, and even the Earth Federation capital at Dakar is now suffering the terrors of war. Ronan Marcenas, a leader of the Federation government. contacts Londo Bell commander Bright Noa in order to prevent the opening of the Box.
Meanwhile, Banagher has landed on Earth, and is headed for the Torrington base where new information about the Box will be disclosed. But the fury of the Zeon remnants will drive Loni, the pilot of the mobile armor Shamblo, to turn the battle into a massacre.  


A mass production mobile suit of the Earth Federation Forces. Missile units can be mounted on its waist and shoulders, enabling it to function as a support mobile suit. With its overall performance decreasing, it is now in the process of being replaced by the Jegan, its successor machine. However, many of these machines are still in operation with both the ground and space forces.

A mass production mobile suit of the Earth Federation Forces. As a minor revision of the GM developed during the One Year War, it is now completely outdated in terms of performance. Although it cannot be relied upon for fighting strength, it is still deployed at some Federation Forces facilities.

A mass-produced underwater mobile suit of the Earth Federation Forces. This underwater mobile suit was developed by the Federation Forces during the One Year War, using the GM as a base. Though it is now clearly obsolete, no successor was ever developed due to the reduced importance of amphibious machines, and so it still remains in service.

A ground support machine developed by Karaba, an AEUG support organization, during the Gryps Conflict. It uses the transformation mechanisms of the Methuss, and can change into a bombardment form. After the end of the Gryps Conflict, this machine was added to the fighting strength of the Federation Forces, and a few units are still in use.

An amphibious mobile suit with a complicated history. Originally created by the Zeon forces, it was captured and upgraded by the Earth Federation Forces, and then recaptured by Neo Zeon. It is currently used by Zeon remnants.

An amphibious mobile suit developed by the Sleeves. It was provided to the terrestrial Zeon remnants led by Kirks. It uses the same basic frame as the Geara Zulu, and its exterior is fitted with underwater equipment such as a vest-shaped diving device, ballast tanks around the neck, hydrojet engines, and underwater fins. The heat knives in its hands, combined with the iron nails attached to its arms, give it the appearance of an amphibious mobile suit with crab-like pincers.


A Londo Bell mobile suit pilot, and a member of the Tri-Stars. His codename is U008 (Uniform Eight). Of Latino descent, he has a dark complexion and curly hair. Although he seems light-hearted and easygoing, he is actually quite dangerous. He holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The second in command of the Londo Bell flagship Ra Cailum. He holds the rank of Commander. Since the second Neo Zeon War, he has continued to calmly support Bright as his right-hand man.

An ace pilot of the Londo Bell unit. His codename is U007 (Uniform Seven). An admittedly delicate-looking man with a cool appearance, he also has the ability to bluntly criticize his superior officers. He holds the rank of Lieutenant, and is the leader of the Ra Cailum's Tri-Stars mobile suit team. The three members of the Tri-Stars were originally test pilot candidates for the UC Project, but with the cancellation of the project, they ended up piloting the mass-produced support machine Jesta.

A mechanic of the Garencieres team. Despite his youth, his mobile suit maintenance skills are superb, and he has no trouble setting up the Unicorn Gundam with a double set of the Kshatriya's beam gatling guns. He is an optimist with a cheerful personality .

A Londo Bell mobile suit pilot, and a member of the Tri-Stars. His codename is U009 (Uniform Nine). A burly man with a straightforward, unpretentious personality, he is the most hot-blooded of the Tri-Stars. He holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

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