Friday, December 31, 2010

W.I.P BB Senshi Sangokuden Shin Enshou Bawoo!

It is New Year's Eve and what better way to start the new year than to start on a new model kit!
This is the first kit I start on since my return from Taiwan. Concidentally the Shin Enshou Bawoo is bought during my Taiwan trip. I quite like the design.

Shin Enshou Bawoo

Contents of the box

Above is the front & back of the head before painting & panel lining.

It looks much better after some painting and panel lining. I used my gold oil-based paint marker for the job. 

The torso after some touches of the gold marker

add the red foil sticker with some red from the red paint marker for touch up

the shoulder before painting

The shoulder looks quite plain without painting even with the foil stickers. Decided to paint the borders gold.

Decided to paint the borders gold

After painting, it looks much more better. Looks like I need quite a lot of gold paint for this model.

Both shoulders after painting

The arm before painting
 The arm looks a bit plain even after panel lining, so I decided to paint some parts gold again.

The fists are all gray. There should be some red added to it. Will soon be retified.

Leaving them to dry

Shoulders & arms done!

Time to attach them together

Not bad looking chap

The front skirt after some painting using the gold paint marker

Both front & back skirt

The waist is done!

He finally can stand on its own.... sort of....

Will continue with this model next year....that is tomorrow. Hehe...

Anyway Happy New Year to you folks!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Taiwan Bounty!!! 29 model kits!!!!

As I mentioned in the previous posts, I have been away to Taiwan for the past 10 days, thus unable to make any new posts. As I mentioned I took the chance to get some Gunpla there as they were quite cheap as compared to here. About 40 - 50% cheaper to be exact. I will mainly touch on my Gunpla buying spree in this post and will try to cover the other aspects of my trip in other posts hopefully.

For most of my gunpla, I went to Ximending in Taipei. The building was called Millienium Tower I think.
The whole of the 4th floor is filled with Gunpla selling shops and selling at very low prices.
The others I bought at the Taipei Underground Shopping Street.

The Millienium Tower

In total I brought back 29 model kits with some other misc. items as well. Yeah right, I totally lost control of myself when I stepped into the shops. I actually planned to bring back at most 10 but once I set my eyes on the Gunpla, it's 'I want that! I also want that! I been looking for that for ages!'

My Taiwan Gunpla bounty

The BB Senshi Sangokuden kits that I bought

My GF bought this for my X'Mas present - been wanting to buy it for a long long time

The capsule figurines which also bought

The action base for Sinanju

The Japanese Gunpla magazines came with freebies - the Limited Edition Sinanju Head Display Stand & the White Base Hangar 

Another two magazines caught my eye

3 Kits from the 08th MS Team series

The 1.5 Gundam & the Garazzo from the 00 Gundam series

The two latest kits from the Gunpla Builders Series - I bought the Beargguy on the day it was launched there

The 2 Throne Gundams from the 00 Gundam series - I finally have all 3

Harute & Raphael Gundam from the 00 Gundam Movie

The Red & Blue Frame - been wanting to buy both of them for ages

2 kits from the HGUC series

Gundam Astrea Type F & Zaku II Real Grade

The Szazabi & the Crossbone Gundam X1

Been wanting to buy the GP02A & Gundam X for some time

Finally the F91 Master Grade

Now I have the challenge of how to store them in my room with my other unfinished kits....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Various BB Senshi Sangokuden Kits!

As I have not been working on any kits currently, so I decided to post some pictures of the BB Senshi Sangokuden kits which I had completed earlier in the year.

The fearsome Ryofu Tallgeese

Ryofu Tallgeese

The heroic Bacho Blue Destiny

Bacho Blue Destiny

Ryuho Gundam

Ryuho Gundam

Gengan Gundam

Choho Gundam

Choho Gundam
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