Friday, March 28, 2014

00 Raiser 1/60 from Gaogao bootleg

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I am currently working on a bootleg 00 Raiser. It supposedly a bootleg of the Bandai PG model. I bought it mainly for the price as it is less than 1/2 price of the Bandai kit. Another factor was that I wanted to know how far the bootlegs have improved so far.

The results speak for themselves. I had not done any painting yet, only minimal panel lining. The quality of the plastic is not bad. I had no serious problems with the snapfitting. The only grouse I have about it is that it is too fragile. Some of the parts seem to fall apart easily. The back skirt is always fall when I try to reposition the 00 Gundam. The two arms also tend to fall out easily.
But one of the main things I liked was the Twin GN Drives. They really glow and has a rotating action as per the anime. Not bad for a bootleg.

I will be working on the weapons and the 0 Raiser the next I go back to Kuching for the holidays. Hopefully I can get everything done by then.

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  1. Dear Gundam Gunso
    Hello, I'm planning on visiting Singapore in a couple weeks, and am interested in picking up some non Bandai gunpla.(specifically PG kits). Can you possible direct me to where I can find these? Thank you.


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