Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIP - GPB-X78-30-Forever Gundam Part 2 (Final)

After a few days of inactivity, finally continued work on the Forever Gundam. As continued from the last post, now to work on the weapons system.

Parts of the Dragoon units

Ready for assembly

Ready to assemble the final product

the Dragoon weapon system assembled

Standard issue beam rifle

The hyper bazooka

My favourite, the classic hyper hammer

The shield

Completed product

Rear view

Blast Mode

Searching for next target

the hammer in attention

The Hyper Bazooka in action

Hehe.. One more model completed...

Finally completed the Forever Gundam. I feel that this kit is a bit hard to pose as it have to many accessories. For example the handle of the beam saber is supposed to be kept at the arm, but it is prone to falling off as it cannot be attached securely. Anyway I like the kit for its firepower. And the great plus point, it comes with the RX-78-2's Hammer! Not many gundams come with that weapon and Forever Gundam is one of the few who has it. Now left with the Beginning 30 Gundam to build in the Gunpla Builder series.

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  1. Congratulation for another Gunpla completed and those are some great posing and pics taken. I bet you must have enjoyed a lot blogging this in the process.

  2. @Dennis
    Thanks. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with the others and at the same time enjoy reading about their experiences too. XD

  3. Another kit is done hehehe eh Gunso. :D
    You are truly a "Keroro" de arimasu... :D :D :D
    Hmm, it looks like the G30th version. Are the blue armors detachable?

  4. a very clean build there dude. ^^
    and ur posing skill are improving as well! Nice!

  5. @ canopy
    Yes, the blue armors are detachable XD

    Thanks. Working hard to find new ways to pose the kits XD

  6. Nice build, but no poses with the Funnels? ^^

  7. @azngunpla
    Thanks. Going to work on the pose with the funnels soon. Thinking of ways to suspend the funnels in mid air for some good shots XD


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