Thursday, May 5, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanu Gundam - Part 2

After a day spent outdoors, it is time to get back to my work area and continue on the Kanu Gundam. Lots of painting to be done for this stage of building.

Start by painting the red parts of the chest armor

The red parts are completed

Adding the gold to it

Now awaiting to dry

Now to the skirt armor

Same step as to adding the red

Adding the gold

There's a green part

Adding the sides


Working on the helmet next


The armor ready to be fitted onto the Kanu Gundam

I present to u the Kanu Gundam!

The weapon of choice

That is another kit completed. Whew! Just looking at Sangokuden kits alone, I think I still have about 20 kits to complete. Really have to stop buying Gunpla for the moment until my back log is at a more manageable position.
Hehe... With the completion of this kit, I now have all three of them, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

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  1. You really have very steady hands to do the neat painting. You will see the flaws on my BB Gundam on close-up.

  2. @Dennis
    Thanks. My paintingdo have some flaws as well. I just feel that as long we tried our best for the kit, we will feel a sense of satisfaction XD

  3. Maaan, like Dennis said, the small detail is truly very tidy and looks nice in closeups... Great job in the BB Gundams as usual eh... ^^

  4. You painted this good! You painted the gold part using marker? but the lines are so define. Good job.

  5. @Leon
    Thanks. The gold parts are painted by the markers.

  6. that is a nice paint job. usually when i try use to use marker to it,the color is like uneven.

  7. @Ryu
    Thanks. I just try to several coats to even it out. XD


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