Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011

I have been inactive on my blog for the past month or so. What better time to return than to return with some coverage on the Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011. I was there during the weekend and there was quite a crowd when I reached there.
This year's theme is focused on the Gundam Age series. There were a few Gundam Age's Gaging arcade machines showcasing the AG series of Gundam Age's model kits. As I took loads of pictures, I will be dividing the coverage into several parts as there are too much photos to put in one post. So on to the pics.

Looks like the workshop is full of future gunpla builders

the Gundam Age arcade machines

Time to get some gunpla!

Up next are some model kits done by professional modelers.

Next up are the guys from the BB Senshi Sangokuden series.

Stay tuned for more photos in the next post.


  1. @SuperPJ
    I guess a lot of us Gundam die hards wanna attend these type of events XD


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