Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Loot

I went on a Gundam shopping spree this month. I can say I was pretty satisfied with my spoils.

Bought at Bugis BHG

The HG G-Exes from the Gundam Age series

A system base to dock the mobile suits

Finally the FA Unicorn Gundam in my grasp!

I also bought this two from Kuching

I actually do not know its origin but bought it because it looked interesting

The Griffon from the Patlabor series


  1. @Khaidir
    Haha... I guess my interest in buying Gundams far outweighs in building them XD

  2. I think I will settle with G-Exes after having watched Gundam Age...

  3. @Dennis
    It is also one of my fav MS in the series XD


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