Friday, August 23, 2013

Mini Gundam Event at OG Orchard

 There was a mini Gundam event held ay OG Orchard recently. Sensing some bargains, I made my way down to check it out. There was 20% off the regular price on the gunplay. There was also the launch of new gunplay at a special price as well. This means the Doven Wolf Unicorn version was available.

Showcase of some of the gunpla
Latest line of SD Gundams

Latest RG released!

Some of the special price items

I could not go home empty handed during this type of event, could I?

My loot
Finally have it in my hands


This was a free premium given for spending at least $50.

This was a steal at $5 each

This one was the last one which I was missing in my Gundam Age collection

Despite owning 1 already, I got another so that I differentiate 1 & 2 as in the anime

Haha... Always have a soft spot for the Red Comet's Mobile Suit

This was given free at the event.

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