Monday, May 19, 2014

Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 Screening in Singapore Aftermath

The Singapore screening of  Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 has come to a close. I totally enjoyed myself at the screening. The show was great, the crowd was great and of course the Gunpla on sale were excellent! I snapped some quick photos at the event to showcase the enthusiasm of our local Gundam fans.

A crowd queuing for the start of the show at 9am in the morning

In anticipation for the show 

The registration counter

Fans are excited to be here

Patiently awaiting my turn

There! My tickets to the show

Fans swarming around the sales counter for the Limited Edition gunpla

The Limited Edition Items on sale!

Fan trying to get a pic of the boxart

Box art of the limited edition items

A cameo by the Banshee at Vivo City Toys'R'Us

It's time to examine what is in the goodie bag given to us at the screening.

Items in the goodie bag

The promotion leaflet with discount coupons

A closer look at the coupons

A peek inside the guide book

Free poster
 At this event, there will be Gunpla on sale at attractive prices. No way I was going to leave the place empty handed.

Loot of the day

This is an old kit. Nevertheless still eye-catching to do me in 

Always wanted a HG version of this

Time to stock up on my Amphibious suits

Been wanting to get this for ages, Finally decided to take the plunge.

My Limited Edition buy of the day. The box art do have a Star Wars feel to it.

I am so not going to regret buying this.

free gift

At the end of this, I sincerely want to offer my thanks to Mrs Gundam Gunso for accompanying me to the event despite showing a lack of interest in Gunpla. Thank you for holding the kit boxes while I dove into the crowd for more. I really appreciate your support.

On a lighter note, at the end of the day, I went past my favourite Hobby Shop and found that that they were having a discount of 30%. So I went in and got myself a quickie buy.

Final buy of the day


  1. Nice loot. The limited edition unicorn is metallic finish?

    1. @ Kelvin Koay
      No. It is a clear finish.

  2. Where is the best place to buy gundam in sg anyways...

  3. @Michael
    Normally I go Hobby Point as it is currently having a discount of 30% on its Gundam kits.


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