Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gundam Docks at Singapore Part 4 (Final) Loot

Going to the event will definitely cost me. Of course I will bring something back from the event and these are my spoils. To be frank, the 20% discount on the regular price of the Gunpla was not really attractive as a lot of us know the Gunpla can be bought at a better price else where. But you can go for the limited edition items or those old stock which they are clearing at more then 30% discount.

The customary 2015 catalogue

It was at 20% discount and mine had run out.

The star of the event. It was sold out within the first few days.

A nice keepsake for remembrance 

The offer price was not bad

Since I play the game, why not? It comes with a limited edition box too

Ahhh... The SG50 Gundam in the form of a card

Quite a nice looking box

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