Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gundam Unicorn Ep 5 Screening in Singapore

With the Singapore premiere of Gundam Unicorn Ep 5 coming up on 19 May, I just could not miss it.
When I found out that I would need to get some Unicorn kits to lay my hands on the tickets, there was no stopping me. I have been waiting for the MG Banshee and since getting my hands on the kit will also grant me 2 tickets., there was no second thoughts.

MG Banshee

The redemption vouchers for the tickets

Waiting for 19 May

Other than the MG Banshee, I came across the SD Knight Gundam. I found it quite special and could not resist buying it. With it I also came across the SD Heavyarms Gundam from the Gundam Wing series. It seems to me that BHG stores are stocking up their shelves with the SD version of the Gundam Wing series Gundams.

Knight Gundam

SD Gundam Heavyarms

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