Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Completed work for the past few months

Although I have not been blogging since the last few months, but my gunplay building had stopped. This post will include some of the kits which I have done. My kits ranged from series as recent as Age series to the Turn A series. I like getting the kits with disregard to their age.

First is the Age FX Gundam. Although the series leaves much to be desired, but the kit is pretty awesome. This kit provide a stand to house its dragoon bits as to give it a look as if the bits are suspended in mid-air. Personally this kit is one of my favourites in the series.

 This Chou Yun SD Gundam was bought at a sale. It is smaller than a normal SD kit but it fits quite well on my work desk.

The Kampfer is one of my favourite mobile suits from the UC series. A pity that its appearance was limited.

The Throne Eins Gundam from the 00 series is last one I need to compete my collection of all the 3 Thrones Gundam.

This Gundam Astraea Type F from the 00 Series is severely packed with firepower.

This Flat from the Turn A Gundam series do really bring back memories. Building this kit really makes me want to watch the series again.

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