Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters - RGM-79K9 GM Sniper K9 HG 1/144

I have just finished working on the GM Sniper K9 from the Gundam Build Fighters series. I am really hooked onto the series right now actually. The fights between the kits are really intense. Enough said about the show as this post is about the kit, GM Sniper K9.

The RGM-79K9 GM Sniper K9 is a custom mobile suit and variant of the RGM-79K9 GM Sniper K9. Appearing in the Gundam Build Fighters anime series, the unit is built by the Renato Brothers and primarily controlled by Julio Renato.

This is currently the 7th GBF kit that I have worked on. Hopefully that I can make time to bring all of them out for a shoot soon.

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