Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loot from Kuching Trip

I visited Kuching, Sarawak, over the weekend and paid a visit to Heng Kim Trading.

They had just moved to their new place at One TJ and I must admit the new premise is much more spacious and have more room for their display of their kits. They had been featured in the news recently for their contribution to the gunpla scene in East Malaysia.

This time, they have quite a number of new stocks and what caught my eye were the bootlegs.

I ended with 4 of them

My old favourite, a variation of the GM

I was interested in the quality of these...

My Star Buy of the day! Bandai have never released this before...

Needless to say the star buy of my spree is undoubtedly the Deep Striker. This is a variation of the S Gundam from Gundam Sentinel. Bandai has never release this kit before. Luckily this company ACE decided to try their hand in serving up this monster to us. I will take my time to start on this kit before I can pass any comments as I am currently busy on the PG 00 Raiser from TT Hongli. More on the 00 Raiser coming soon.

On an endnote, I must specify I do not set out to specifically to buy bootlegs. I have plenty of Bandai kits as well. It is just that sometimes some of these bootlegs really catch my interest and with some never released by Bandai, the pull factor is definitely there. Another factor is that I hardly find them in Singapore therefore will focus on buying them when I visit Kuching.

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