Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS - Episode 25: Promise (Final episode)

Finally Gundam Build Fighters has come to an end with its final episode airing yesterday. The final episode did not disappoint Gunpla fans with a large array of Gunpla making their appearances. The series does have its critics with the main one that is saying the it is just a show to sell Bandai's products. I do agree that the one of the show's main aim is to sell products. But while it is doing so, it does it in an engaging fashion. I would safely say that most of us Gunpla fans truly enjoyed the series as we can really relate to the series in terms of Gunpla building. Not to mention the numerous cameos from the various characters from the previous Gundam series.
Below are some stills from the episode:

A wide array of Gunpla makes their appearance

Kirara's Gerbera Tetra
Ricardo Fellini's Gundam Fenice Rinascita
Caroline's SD Knight Gundam
Tatsuya Yuki's Amazing Exia Repair 
My personal favourite - China Kousaka's Beargguy San 
Aila Jyrkiäinen's Miss Sazabi finally makes an appearance
Nils Nielsen's Sengoku Astray Gundam
The only SD kit in their group

We knew about this but still cannot believe it, Mao Yasaka's Crossbone Gundam Maoh 

Crossbone Gundam Maoh's devastating firepower

Mao's master also join in with his Master Gundam 
Mr Ral's Gouf Custom reappears again with much better results

Master Chinan teams up with Ral with devastating effect

The Blue Giant revives!
To tell you the truth I was not expecting Ral's Gouf Custom to be this good judging from his previous fight with Reiji. It seems now that at that time he was just hiding his skills. When he teamed up with Master Chinan, the others were left open mouthed at the sight of their skills in destroying the enemy. 

Takeshi Iori makes his long awaited comeback with his Perfect Gundam
Raw firepower
It was a nice surprise to see Iori's Dad in the Perfect Gundam.

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! =P

Mashita returning to his world

I did not expect Baker to have feelings for Mashita much less return with him to Arian. I really thought that she was just using him. I guess stranger things have happened before.

Amazing Exia prepare for the final battle with parts from the Kampfer Amazing

The 2 Gunpla in their final fight with the Star Build Strike using parts from the Crossbone Maoh & Gundam Fenice Rinascita
Sei seems to win the match before it was cut short 
Reiji knows its time for him to return to Arian

Aila follows Reiji back

Aila seems to have a lot work to do get her feelings across to Reiji

These two are selling bootlegs in Arian

Sei's Star Build Cosmos

Hope that Bandai can make this a kit for us
It seems that Bandai manages to drive its message across to us, that building Gunpla is fun. I also cannot help noticing its stand of the bootlegs as well. Making them the final enemy says all. My final note is that I have truly enjoyed watching Gundam Build Fighters and it was an engaging and rewarding experience. It really reinforces my love for Gunpla. Hope that there may be a second season.

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