Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIP - GPB-X78-30-Forever Gundam Part 1

After resting for about a week, my hands are itching to start on a new project. After looking at my back log, you have to wonder if I enjoy building gunpla more or buying them more.

Hm.... wat to work on next?....
Decided to work on the Forever Gundam as I am the most up to date with the building of the Gunpla Builders kits.

Box cover

Contents of the box

started work on the torso first

Looks similar to the RX-78-2

adding the thrusters

rear view

Panel lined

There's the head, still using the foil sticker for the eyes

Assembling the arms

Now left with hands missing in action

the articulation is pretty normal

the feet assembled

start work on the legs

continued work on the leg

One leg down, one more to go

Top half of the MS done minus the head

Side view

There's the waist

the two legs assembled

Bottom half of the body assembled

The articulation is pretty normal too

at least it can do the kneeling pose

Now what is left to do is to put his head on

There's the head

Side view

Rear view

The Forever Gundam

Now what is left is the weapons of the Forever Gundam. Most probably can cover that on the next post. Interesting model kit as I think it is based on the original RX 78-2 with some armors and weapons thrown in. Anyway the OVA is very interesting. Please watch it if you get the chance.

Now to take a short rest before continuing on it.


  1. Wow! Your kits has reached the ceiling! Impressive! Pardon me,but don't you think that Forever Gundam is like a RX-78-2 with FA armor plate plus funnels been thrown in?

  2. @Dennis
    Yeah, space is a big headache for me if I continue my buying spree. I do agree that the Forever Gundam is designed using RX-78-2 as a base XD


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