Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Revisiting my older kits

I am currently taking a short break from building model kits. Too much kit building for the past few weeks. While going through my room, I found some of kits previously. I must admit some of them were built a few years back when I was not as serious in kit building as now. Therefore some of the them were not well built in terms of nip marks, panel lining, etc... But I must say it really brings back some memories for me. I decided to have a photo shoot with them since I had the chance.

Let's first start off with a group shot.

First up the one that started it all. The RX-78-2. It actually comes in the set, Gundam Operation V, together with the Guncannon & the Guntank. But the other 2 kits is somewhere in my room playing hide n seek with me. It is quite a basic HG 1/144 kit. Nothing fanciful about the kit. The joints are a bit loose after these years. Therefore the poses that it can do are limited.

Take note, the beam rifle actually belongs to Forever Gundam's.

Next up is the Gundam NT-1. I like the colour scheme. This is also a HG 1/144 kit. The joints are also loose, actually one of the arms is prone to falling off, therefore I took extra care of this during this shoot. The shield is bigger as compared to the RX-78-2.

The next MS is the Ez8. This edition comes with backpack version which gives it a realistic feel of fighting a guerrilla warfare. It is quite bulky when compared to the RX-78-2 & the Gundam NT-1 which are in the same scale. I really loved the anime which was why I bought this kit a few years back when I had the chance. The joints are in great shape despite all these years.

A group picture of these 3 kits who were in the same time line as in the anime, but did not actually meet.

We switch our attention to the series, Gundam Seed for our next kit, the Blitz Gundam. This is a very basic kit with minimum posability. It is a no grade 1/144 kit. The arms cannot be bent. The reason I bought this kit is because of the anime. The Gundam Seed Series brought the gundam fever back due to its plot and diverse range of Gundams. The Blitz Gundam is one of them and one interesting feature of Blitz is that it can turn 'invisible' when emgaging in stealth missions.

Next up is also an alumini from the Seed series, the Duel Gundam with Assault Shroud. This is a HG 1/144 kit. The mobile suit was originally  a basic one, but after some events in the series, beefed up with the extra armor & firepower. It is a bit bulky as compared to Blitz.

Two of the first 5 Gundams from the Seed series
Another fan favourite is the Exia Gundam from the 00 series. This kit is mainly based on close combat although it have a beam rifle for ranged combat. One of the characteristics is that it possesses 7 swords. See what I mean by close combat. I have to take extra care with this kit as it has quite a number of parts which are prone to falling off. The two swords at the hips kept falling off as I struggle to pose the kit. But I like the way the GN Sword can be reclined when not in use.

Next up is the latest sensation, the Unicorn Gundam. Technically speaking, these next two kits are the same model, but consists of two different modes. I will first talk about the
Unicorn mode. It is a very sleek kit. Mostly white with shades of gray. By the way have to mention that the OVA was excellent. Keeps you wanting to know more of what is going happen next. Back to the kit, the Hyper Bazooka gives it a no nonsense look. The look of the kit itself gives no warning of the monster it is going to become when it switches to the destroy mode.

There! Look what happens when the Unicorn Gundam goes berserk, it switches to the destroy mode. When it switches into the Destroy mode, the kit itself is a bit taller than the kit in Unicorn mode. The effect in red really gives it an awe aspiring look. The beam rifle may look no much different from the other rifles, but in the anime, it's firepower will blow your breath away.

Group pic of the 3 of them

Last look at them before they go back into storage

Whew! That's the 8 of the kits presented today. From time to time, once I savalged some of my kits, I will try to gather them for a photo shoot if presented with the chance.


  1. Indeed a diverse range of Gundams and from this post, I could tell your love for the Gundam anime you have watched as well.

  2. @Dennis
    Thanks. It's true I like to Gundams from the diverse backgrounds of each anime & manga. XD


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