Friday, April 1, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Teiho Gundam

I'm back from my short trip. Feeling refreshed, I wasted little time as I embarked on another project. A short and simple one actually, the SD Teiho Gundam. At the first glance, the main painting to be done is only on the gold armor parts. I am trying to get myself to get used to this pace of working and as sooner or later I want to clear my back log.

Box cover

Contents of the box

Before painting

After painting. Used the Tamiya Gold spray paint for this

Head assembled, used the foil sticker for the sensor

Torso assembled

Shoulders assembled

Legs assembled

Using foil stickers for the front skirt

Arms after painting

Light armor mode

With the armor added

I am definitely taller than this one. HeheheXD

Overall I can say that the SD Teiho Gundam is pretty basic as you can see from the photos. Thus building ot was quite a breeze actually. I think I completed it in under 4 hours (including the drying of the paint). That is one more Sangokuden kit completed. I do not know why I keep on working on the Sangokuden kits despite having loads of HGs and MGs to do. Maybe they take up less time. Anyway look forward to my Sangokuden group picture. Hehe. XD


  1. WOW, ur painting is great!

  2. Nice kit and good effort on it. This Gundam seems to derived from GP04. There's a lot of chrome.

  3. @ Dennis
    Thanks. I also think that it is derived from GP04 too XD


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