Friday, September 2, 2011

BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Blue Destiny Bacho Gallery

I was feeling a bit lazy after completing the Mobile Sumo recently. Did not feel like starting on a new build, but yet I felt funny not working on gunpla in my free time. Decided to go through some of my recently built gunpla to see if any of them needs refurbishing.
I took out my Bacho Blue Destiny to work on. Its weapons was not painted yet, thus giving it a plain white look. I did some quick work on it and the results speak for themselves.

Meawhile a short introduction of Bacho or else known as Ma Chao is in order.

The son of Ryoushuu general Batou, excels in martial arts. Joined the anti-Toutaku alliance and together with his father participated in the Chouan battles. The main character of "Senjin Kettou Hen".

Feared by the tribes at the border lands as the Mighty Bachou the Splendid. Has a strong sense of pride that cannot be stopped when he fires up in anger, its rumoured that the race that inherited the dark blood has eyes that burn red like that fire. Holds a deep hatred for Sousou as his father and two brothers died in battle due to Sousou's plot. As a child, he witnessed Ryuubi (Liu Bei) using the Tengyokugai to defeat Toutaku. Bachou travels and meets various people, but continuously loses them to tragedies.

In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is only a kid living in Chouhi's village, and decided to travel around Mirisha after the sworn brothers left. He met up with them again at Kyoshou, but has left to travel again.
  • Weapon: Shiseitou (獅青刀), Ryuurensou (龍煉槍), Shiryuu Gokurensou (獅龍極煉槍)


  1. Hi, where to buy this kit in SG?

  2. @jump bee
    You can get this kit in any model shops or in the toys department of any major department stores in SG. XD


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