Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work in progress BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Zhao Yun Gundam - Part 1

After some time of inactivity, it is time for some gunpla building again. This time the SD Sangokuden character is based on one of the five Tiger Generals for the Shu kingdom, Zhao Yun. Personally he is my favourite character from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. For this kit itself, he even comes with his own horse.

Box cover

Side of box

The other side of the box

The coloured runner

The other two runners

The foilstickers with the polycaps runner and a brown wire for the horse rein

The comic with the manual on the other side

The manual

The gold parts before painting
 As usual with the Sangokuden kits, I was not happy with the colour of the gold parts, therefore I proceed to paint them in my prefered gold shade while attached to their runners.

After painting

Head with masking done before painting

After painting and panel lined

Assembling the arm

Arms assembled

Painting of the underside of the feet which showed the character's insignia

Assembling the legs

The feet assembled and painted

The feet and legs assembled

The torso assembled

the hips/waist assembled

Attaching the legs to the waist

Adding the torso into the equation

What's left is the head

Not quite finished, the colour of the shoulders is not right

Shoulders painted blue

SD Zhao Yun's basic form completed!

I have achieved my target of completing Zhao Yun's basic form in this phase. Will proceed with his armor in the next phase. Now have to tidy up my workstation before I turn in for the night. Yawn...


  1. SD Zhao Yun Gundam has got one of the best design. It's the elegant look. Are you only left with Huang Zhong to complete the 5 Tigers General?

  2. @Dennis
    Haha... U r rite. I have him in his box somewhere on standby XD


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