Thursday, June 12, 2014

Devil Gundam Final Form 1/144 Straight Build

One of the kits in my backlog is the Devil Gundam 1/144. Take note that this the final form that showed up in the last episode of G Gundam, not the monstrosity that showed up in the earlier.

Old School Box Art

Currently I am only missing Gundam Rose in my collection

 I actually bought this kit years back and finally decided to start on this after some suggestions from the guys in my Facebook page.
To show how much Gunpla has advanced in recent years, I decided to do a straight build, no panel lining, painting, only using the foil stickers. You can clearly see the difference between the Gunpla of past and present.

The runners seems quite minimal

The manual seems very simple

Fighting Mode

MA Mode

Generally this was a quick build. Took me about several hours. It seems quite plain at the first look due to the fact that it is a straight build. I think that I will find time in the future to paint the kit, but for now have to put it aside for other kits.

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