Monday, June 2, 2014

Grandpa's Gundam - Gundam Age-1 Full Glansa

I know that the series, Gundam Age has its critics (I'm one of them). But put aside the flawed storyline aside, I can say some of the mobile suits' design is pretty good. One of them is the Gundam Age-1 Full Glansa. Basically it is the Age-1 in Full Armor minus its Age Drive component. Furthermore it is piloted by some old-timer(sorry Flit Asuno) in his sixties. That should count for something.
Anyway building this kit allows me to clear my increasing backlog which by the way is HUGE! Hopefully I will be able take this few months to clear a bit of my backlog which means you will may be seeing more kits from Gundam Age and some more way back like Gundam Maxter from Gundam G, some from the 00 Gundam series, just to name a few.

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