Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Yue Jin Gundam

I am flying off to Kuching, Sarawak for a holiday tomorrow. Before that I decide to finish a simple project, the Yue Jin Gundam. This is a extension of the Sangokuden series. The model kits are a bit smaller than the normal sangokuden kits. This kit look simple in terms of minal painting needed. But yet I like the colour variations. So I decided to finish it in one night.

Box cover

Contents of the box

Assembling the torso

Torso assembled - needs some painting though

After painting

Painted the helmet crown silver

Painted the eyes green - part of the crown

Shoulder armor still on the runners and unpainted

Shoulder armor painted

Starting on the sword next

Painted the sword

Assembling the top of the head

Top part of the head assembled

Moving to assembling the bottom half of the head

Waiting to apply the foil sticker

Foil stickers applied

The arm

Assembling the parts together

Assembled - Young version of Yue Jin Gundam

Assembling the mature Yue Jin's feet

Feet assembled

Attaching the arms

Mature Yue Jin's face with foil stickers applied

Yue Jin Gundam!

Look! I'm taller!

After completing this kit, I liked the idea of him having a young version of himself. Looks cute actually. After applying the face and the armor, he looks menacing with the poise of a veteran warrior. Looking back so far, this probably is my 20th Sangokuden kit. I look forward in digging the others out and taking a group photo of them. Of course this is all talk and no action. Hopefully I can find the time and energy to do that.


  1. Oh wow, this is not simple, paint while the parts still in the box, I salute !

    What kind of paint bro using ? 'coz I see lots of Tamiya spray cans at the background. ^^ Tidy enough, bro mask it ?

  2. @Evaritus Lau
    Sharp eyes there. I do have some spray cans at hand, but for this particular kit, I only used paint markers and Gundam markers. I did not use any masking this time as i was a bit lazy and due to the fact that time was of essence. I just took extra care when applying the paint. XD

  3. Ah, that's 1 hell of tidiness wor, respect. =D

  4. It seems like Yue Jin Sangokuden kit is taller that the usual. The young version is very adorable.

  5. @Dennis
    I also think that the young version is very adorable XD


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