Thursday, May 19, 2011

A short prologue to my latest project : Upgrade!

Been having a bit of free time these days, so I decided to do a short skit as a introduction to my latest project. This idea was inspired by some of my fellow gundam bloggers which I came across.

Starring: Beginning Gundam

It was an uneventful day when the Beginning Gundam is on his usual patrol for enemy mobile suits to beat up.

Beginning : Seems quiet around here, should have brought my picnic basket out.
When suddenly a cool sense of dread came over him. He sensed enemy approaching.

Beginning : Halt! Who goes there?
A familar face looks down on him.

Forever Gundam : Haha! I will never forget how you stole my shield and use it as a surfboard for your holiday in the Maldives. Meet your doom today!                                                                             
Beginning : Enough said! Let's settle our disputes once and for all today!                                                       
Beginning Gundam starts to attack Forever Gundam.

Beginning : Take that!
Forever : It's no use. You are too weak!
Something purple appears from the behind of Beginning Gundam.

Zaku F2000: Surprise!
Beginning : ???
Forever : Adios, Beginning Gundam.

Beginning : Arghhh....
Zaku : Yeah! I got him!
Forever : No, you got his head (chuckles).

Forever : Sorry, Beginning. It seems that you have lost your head (evil laughter).
Zaku : Yeah, now we are free to do what we want.
  With those parting words, the evil duo left, leaving the broken remains of Beginning Gundam. At this moment, an ally came by.

Beargguy : Oh dear! What happened? What should I do now? Should I call the police?
Just when Beargguy was at loss at what to to do, someone appeared.

Keroro : What happened? What is this mess?
Beargguy : It seems like somebody has messed up Beginning real good. What should we do now?

Keroro : Keke...... Don't worry. I got an idea. I was still worrying on what to do for my next project.
Beargguy : Eh?

Keroro : Beginning, I will not resurrect you. No no, I will do better. I will give you an upgrade. So that you can kick the butts of those who did these to you. Oh yeah.                                                                                                 

Thus with this last picture, I am sure you can guess what will be my next project. Till next post.


  1. He with his "bug theme" wings are gonna flatten the opposition. haha!

  2. @sl619
    Haha... I feel the same way too. XD

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  4. So bro, you also into comic stripes as well. Looking at Beginning Gundam reminds me of Victory Gundam. Do you think they look alike in certain aspects?

  5. @Joan
    Hi, I have already add the link.

    Now that you have mentioned it, they do look alike in several aspects. Maybe they designed the Beginning with the Victory as basis. XD


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