Thursday, May 5, 2011

WIP BB Senshi Sangokuden Kanu Gundam - Part 1

After a short break, its back to building gunpla for me. Next up is the Kanu Gundam from the BB Senshi Sangokuden series. I got this kit for just 5 bucks during a sale. I actually did this in Kuching a few days ago while on vaction there. I had some free time over there so decided to bring this kit over to complete.

The box cover

Contents of the box

After looking through the runners and the box art. I made the decision to avoid using the the foil stickers for this kit. All the details will be hand painted. Except for the eyes though. I will still use the foil stickers for that. I am not pro enough to paint the eyes yet. XD

I don't like the colour of this 'gold' at all

Painted them using my gold paint marker

Start on the head next but painting the chin red and some panel lining done

It looks great with the beard... I think  -_-"

Work on the arms next

Both arms assembled

The chest is up next

Trying out the arms with the chest

The gold parts ready to assemble on the feet

The feet done

Add in the legs

Now left with the head for the basic set up

Doesn't really look menacing without the armor
Now starting on the armor. I am sure with the armor on, it will look much more better as a warrior.

Setting up the shoulder armor

Shoulder armor done

Next, the forearm guard

Painting it step by step
The paint markers I used for this part

My gold paint markers

Overall, it is quite smooth sailing up till now. Have to call it a day. Will continue on this the next day. XD


  1. I saw these markers @ Popular bookstore. Didn't know they work so well on kits. It's hard to find BB Guan Yu going @ 5 bucks. It's a steal.

  2. @Dennis
    Haha... Thanks to the various stores clearing their stocks, I manage to get it at this price. I didn't know as well till I tried them on the kits, pretty surprised that they work. XD


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