Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WIP - Beginning 30 Gundam Part 1

As mentioned in an earlier post, A short prologue to my latest project : Upgrade!, the Beginning 30 Gundam is my next project. This kit as in the series is a upgrade done by the main character to his beloved Beginning Gundam when he was defeated by the Forever Gundam. A number of features were added such as the 'bug-wing' beam shields.

The box cover

Contents of the box

Starting on the chest

Taking shape quite nicely

There, done!

Parts of the head to be put together

Foil stickers were used for the eyes as usual

Foil sticker was used for the sensor too. Panel lining was done

Adding the V-fin

Starting on the arms next

Decided to paint instead of using the foil sticker

After painting, using an oil-based paint marker

Now only missing a hand

Both arms completed

Joining the arms to the chest

Testing the joints

Working on the feet next

Feet completed!

This kit is the latest HG kit in the Gunpla Builders series. After this kit's completion, I will most probably do a shoot with all 6 of them.
Will start on the lower body next post.

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