Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Found some loot in Kuching, Sarawak XD

Hi everyone. As I mentioned earlier, I am currently at my GF's place in Kuching, Sarawak, for the CNY. I thought I would have nothing to post about during this 10 days as I would not be buying any Gunplas there as they were very expensive over there.
Sigh.... Seems like gunpla keeps following me in my everyday life. Were shopping in a some shops when I came across some China made gunplas. Yeah that's right, CHINA-Made meaning they are not the original, Normally I would not buy them unless for some special reason. These two are special cases. The Black Heavy Armor War Horse was not released by Bandai, in fact this is just something the Chinese came up with themselves for the Sangokuden series. I like the design very much, thus I bought it for RM$18.90.
The other one is Zhao Yun which I have been seeing for quite some time. I am very curious about the kit and how it is like, thus I bought it too for RM$22.90.  

The newest addition to the family

Zhao Yun

The Heavy Armor War Horse

It seems like I have some work cut out for me this few days as I target myself to finish at least one of them before CNY. It will be a challenge giving that I do not have my normal working tools with me, but that's the fun of it.
Will update in the next post the progress.
Ciao! XD


  1. wah.. china loots! xD good luck on your ninja build! somwhow i got a feeling that both of them aren't gonna turn out close to how they're illustrated on the cover.. anyway HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!

  2. @ ren n tako
    Thanks. Happy lunar new year to u too. I also have e same feeling tat they won't b the same too. Tat's the challenge I relish in painting it. Hope I can do it. Hehe. XD


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