Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has just passed. Hope everyone had a good time. For me, it was time for a gift exchange between my GF & me. She got me a watch. It is a sweet gesture as my current one has a lot  of battle scars. Hehe, I can't seem to take good care of my stuff. Luckily she do not encourage me to buy flowers during this period as they are really expensive. So I make it up by sending them on other occassions such as birthday.

This time I got a gold bracelet for her. I found it very cute when I came across it and she has been wanting to get one for quite some time already.

It seems that Beargguy is excited about showing off the loot.

its mine!!!!..... or not... XD

it fits me.... dun you think so???

very cute Minnie Mouse bracelet

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