Sunday, February 6, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden Heavy Armor War Horse Part 2

Finally decided to pick myself up and continue on my project. While I prepare to fix the broken hoof, I press on with the other components.

setting up the base for the spear

putting on the spear & the flag pole - still deciding whether to paint the tip silver or not
mounting the weapon on the horse - take note of the missing leg

a must have for any war - the shield & the sword unpainted

the shield & the sword after painting

mounting the shield with the sword onto the horse
setting up the crossbow  - take note that there are two of these

crossbow done - dun think that I would be painting it
both the crossbows

almost done! Just left with the missing hoof... T-T
haha... The solution to the broken hoof... XD

I finally have the mood to finish this. By the next post, the broken hoof would have been fixed and the horse would be in its full glory XD

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