Sunday, February 13, 2011

WIP - Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun Part 4 Final (Gallery)

I finally reached the end of my Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun project. Although this is not my first experience with a China-made kit, I am still overall impressed by the improvements in their quality. Although it is still not perfect, it is still an improvement from the kits a couple of years ago. Now I just put some of the pics taken although not many poses can be made due to the fragile kit.


  1. Hey nice Zhao Yun there Gunso. I'm impressed with your painting. Even though this is not a Gundam, how about a picture in a GFF stance? :D

  2. woah.. you build and paint super fast.. im so envious of your speed.. haha..

  3. @ canopy
    Thanks a lot! Will keep your suggestion in mind for the next photo shoot.

    @ Ren n Tako
    Haha. Thanks. Just that I had more free time during the CNY holidays, thus can devote more time to it. XD


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