Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP - Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun

Hi everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! Just reached Singapore yesterday. Good to be home. Now going to start on the other China kit bought in Kuching. Not sure what to call it exactly actually. I just call it Zhao Yun. He is actually one of my favourite characters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

the box cover

contents of the box

the feet

the silver is already on the kit thus dun need any painting
assembling the legs
starting on the head, may need some painting

adding the helmet

The problems I encountered are pretty much the same with the other China-made kits. Meaning the snap fitting had some problems. I just had to becareful not to break the parts.
Will work more on it next time.


  1. Hooo, this is rare, I hardly find it here. From the box, definitely not a SD unit. :D And agree, the snap fitting always a problem here.

  2. @ canopy
    I have to agree with you that it is quite rare here. I think so far I only saw it in Malaysia once before.


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