Thursday, March 17, 2011

Next project...

After I am done with the Hyaku Shiki, now the next question is which kit will I embark on  next.
I have been working on SD kits for the past few projects, so I will most probably start on a HG or a MG kit next.

Hmm... What next?

Haha.... After pondering for some time, decided on the Gundam X. I have just only bought this kit recently on a 30% discount from BHG Bugis. The Gundam X series is pretty interesting as the Gundam X's firepower is way powerful enough to destroy a moon. So this is a very powerful kit which is going to be my next project.

Can't wait to start on this kit. Once done, I will have all the 3 X's, the DX, X Divider & this Gundam X.
Keep tuned for the next post for the making of the Gundam X HG 1/144.

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