Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WIP - GX9900 Gundam X HG 1/144 Part 3

After playing with the completed Gundam X figure for a while, I could not wait to start on its weapons. The legendary satellite cannon which can destroy a moon.

Parts of the cannon before assembly

The cannon after assembly

Look! The cannon is juz right for me! XD

start on building the satellite plates

I used the foil stickers as I could not replicate the shiny effect by painting alone

The satellite plates done!

Attaching the cannon to the satellite plates

The gatling gun to be attached to the shoulder

The beam rifle assembled and waiting to be painted

Waiting to dry


To tell you the truth, building a kit takes quite a bit of energy especially when I concentrate to build to my best of ability with some painting included. All these were at the back of my mind when I saw the completed figure. The joy of completing a gundam is priceless.
Now what is left to do is to dig out my DX & X Divider to pose for photos beside the Gundam X.
Wait till I have the time to look for them first. They should be somewhere in my room... ... I think.

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