Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Shuyu Hyaku Shiki Part 2

To recap from where I left off, I was waiting for the sword to dry off before adding some finishing touches to it. Will be working on this model bits by bits because of time constraints.

the sword completed

Next on the table, dun really like the colour of the parts on the orange-yellowish runner. Most likely will paint the parts gold as I have done with the head. 

the runner in question
painted the part of the head gold. Will be waiting for it to dry first before linking it to the hair 
the chest, no painting required
the hip / skirt armor before painting
after painting
adding the hair to the head after the painted parts had dried

I was a bit careless in painting some parts this time round, most probably due to to fatigue from work. no worries there as i will try to salvage some of the botched paint jobs if possible. Most probably will continue on the limbs next time round. Before rounding off this post, will share some pics that I took while I was at BHG Bugis. As I mentioned before in the earlier post, they were screening Unicorn Gundam Episode 3 at the mall, with some of the model kits being displayed at the toy section of BHG. Could not resist taking some pics since I had my camera with me XD

I wanted to take more pictures actually but was stopped by the staff who said no photo taking was allowed. Too bad T-T....


  1. that weathered khsatriya looks great! for the gold parts u can try using Gaia Starbright Gold for better effects. ^^

  2. @sl619
    I also think that the khsatriya stands out too. Thanks for your suggestion will definitely try out colour if have the chance.. XD


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