Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BB Senshi Sangokuden Military Unit Soldier

I never been the one to like the gundam model 'copies' made in China. Why?
1) They are not original.
2) The quality is like s**t.

But this time I made an exception. The BB Senshi Sangokuden Military Unit Soldier. My BB Senshi Sangokuden model kits does not look right without their minions behind them. And the soldiers does not look right with only a handful of them. Due to budget constraints, I cannot buy too many of the soldiers.
Then I came acroos this version. Although this is a 'copy', this time the quality has improved a lot from the previous 'copies' in terms of texture and the material.
One original box of the Military Unit Soldier costs about SGD$7.95 I think. The 'copy' cost SGD$2.90. That is less than half the price! I bought three boxes in the end hoping to build my small little army.
Will try to fix them in these coming few weeks and will let you know the progress and the quality of them.  

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