Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dragon Gundam

One of more interesting series in the Gundam anime is the G Gundam. Because the all the mobile suits in the series are Gundams. All of them represent each different countryand come in different shapes and sizes.
Below shown is one of the main characters, Dragon Gundam, representing Neo China, comes from the Shaolin Temple(no kidding). The scale is 1/144 and I presume it to be of HG quality. 

This model took me about 2 hours to assemble. I also make some effort in panel lining and did some paintwork using Gundam markers.

For the G Gundam series, I also have some other models both built and unbuilt. Hope that in the near future I will have the time and chance to post them up.
Anyway, I just found out Toys 'R' Us having a promotion selling the RX178-2 MK II Gundam PG at 35% discount. I will be rushing down to try to get it. Hope I still  have the chance to own my first PG kit.
Will be posting my conquest next if successful.

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