Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work In Progress - Beginning Gundam 2 (Final)

Finally I can return to the building of the Beginning Gundam. As continued from the last post, I am left with the lower body.

                                                                          ^The waist^

                                                      ^Going to link the legs to the waist soon^


                                                        ^The moment comes to join them^

                                                            ^He does look good^ 

                                                       ^I am filled with power and energy^

                                                           ^Oops. Dropped something?^

                                                         ^The weapons^

                                              ^I present to u the Beginning Gundam !^


                                                           ^Do I look like wolverine?^

 I think I am beginning to like this Gundam already. The colour scheme, the weapons system, all of them I like it. Can't wait for the other models in the series to be launched.

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