Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unbuilt kits!!!

Sometimes I feel that my building of Gunpla cannot keep up with my buying of Gunpla. I can't help it. Whenever I pass by the Gunpla shop, I will go in take a look, Ah... discounts, latest models. Could not stop myself from buying one home. These are only some of the unbuilt Gunpla I currently have. Currently I have about over 300 model kits and about 40 unbuilt ones (I know I'm beyond hope).  Hope that I have the time to try to finish them all.

Anyway last month, BHG tampines was having a storewide 30% sale for one day only. So I went to take a look. End result, I went home with three new kits.
Finally I have a Sinanju!. Been thinking of buying one, but the MG is a bit expensive. Then the HG comes along and coupled with the 30% discount, I need little persuasion.

The SD Liu Bei is interesting. Cos the size is much bigger then the usual SD series. Look forward into building it. For the Unicorn Gundam, the reason is simple, I already have the Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode, of course I would like the Unicorn as well.

Now my next target is the RX178-2 Gundam Mk II Perfect Grade. Heard Toy'R'Us is having a 35% discount for it. Hope I will be in time to get it.

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