Thursday, November 25, 2010

RX 178-2 Gundam Mk II finally in my grasp!

Finnally it happened! I bought my first PG gundam. I saw it in the Toys'R'Us X'mas catalogue. Original price was SGD$319.90, but was selling at a discounted price of SGD$199.95. I rushed down to the stall and behold there was the box on the self. But I have to wait for 4 more days as I have not gotten my pay yet. I hoped that no one other than myself was interested in it.
4 days later, I make my way to the store keeping my fingers crossed that the kit was there. To my horror, the kit was nowhere to be found! I asked one of the sales assistant that if they had any more in the store, she said no. T-T
My GF then suggested that I called the other branches if they had any. So I tried, but the other branches gave the same negative answer. I was dejected. But I didn't feel like giving up yet, so I approach one of the store's manager asking him if he can assist me. He said he will go check their storeroom. After seems like an eternity of waiting, he came back with both good news & bad news. The good news is that they still have one last set left, now the bad news. The set was reserved by someone from the Suntec City branch. I think he can see the despair on my face for he then said that he will check for me if they still want it.
After some nervous moments, he came back and gave me an ok sign. I was estatic! I was really very grateful to him(a pity I did not catch his name). As it was X'mas season, my GF suggested we gift wrap it as there was this free gift wrapping service. Thus I went along with her suggestion although I knew the wrapper would not stay long. Finally the pictures as follows:

As you can see, it has hell lots of details and parts. I wonder when I would have time to start on it consider I have another 40 kits waiting for me to be built. I guess I take one step at a time then.

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