Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gundam Gunso says Hi!

Hello to all. I'm Gundam Gunso. I have been reading others blogging about their gundam modelling. From their blogs, you can feel their joy and pride derived from their models. I hope to spread my passion for gundam through this blog. I have been collecting and building gundam model kits for about ten years( I think). Hope that I can share them with with you through this blog.


First up is this model of Keroro Gunso. I enjoyed this anime series about this alien infiltrating Earth and building up his love of gundam models (I sure can understand his love :p).

Seems that this is a model of him in his youth.

He even has his own set of RX78-2 & Zaku.

He seems to be set on building the RX78-2

Hope I can find time to post some pics of some of my gundams in the next post.
^-^ A sneak preview of my collection below

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