Thursday, November 25, 2010

Work In Progress - Beginning Gundam

Currently I am building the Beginning Gundam. It is from the latest Gundam OVA, Gunpla Builders Beginning G. This 3 part series focus on a the main character who builds gunpla. It is a refreshing change from the usual fighting the war scenario. The link to the trailer on youtube,

I first saw this in the hobby shop, found it to be interesting. So I bought it and want to search for the OVA online. Currently I can only find the first episode. I can only tell you it is very interesting especially for me myself being a gunpla builder. Anyway just started building it.

 The torso. Similar colours to the RX78-2 with some variation to the designs.

 The head. The usual features that a gundam should have.

  Where's my arms and legs????

Finally finish the arms!

Will be hooking the arms onto the body in a minute...

Hmm.... I can't feel my legs....

Nice shoes...

I only had time to do up to here. Will post more pics of it when I finish up the Beginning Gundam.

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