Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Loot!

I have just returned from a trip to Kuching, Sarawak. I was there over the long weekend. While there I paid a visit to Heng Kim Trading located at BDC Everise.  Of course I will not go home empty handed while I was there. Got some kits, both Bandai & bootlegs.

Loot time!

Mecha-hero Lu Bu

Mecha-hero Guan Yu

Gundam Seed Stargazer's Blu Duel Gundam

Bootleg Sangokuden's Yan Liang 

An Acrylic Display Case

Gatling gun for Unicorn Gundam

I bought the Blu Duel to complete my Stargazer trio with Verde Buster and Strike Noir. I got Yan Liang because it is interesting as Bandai did not have it. The mecha-hero Lu Bu and Guan Yu is because the building the Liu Bei was a wonderful experience. I bought a display case and the gatling gun for as I wanted to try out their quality.


  1. cant wait to see u asemble the TT hong li PG BB Gundam

  2. @Ryu
    Thanks. Will try to do so ASAP. XD

  3. @Dennis
    Haha... The reason I got it is because of your praises for it... XD


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