Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work in progress BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Kyoui Gundam F91 - Part 2

As continued from the earlier post, I continued working on the SD Kyoui Gundam F91. The basic form was completed earlier. So next up are the armor and the weapons. The first step is assembling the helmet which the parts have been painted earlier.

Parts of the helmet

Helmet assembled

Ready to attach his chest armor

Chest armor attached

Putting on the helmet

Attaching the shoulder armors

Shoulder armors attached

His backpack unit

Attaching his backpack unit

Painting his weapons on the runners

Assembling his spear

Spear assembled

His twin blades assembled

Panel lining his shield

The Zaku II mask before panel lining

After adding the foil sticker and panel lining

SD Kyoui Gundam F91 assembled!

At the end of this post, another SD Sangokuden kit has been completed. The assembly process is rather straightforward. It is just that the handpainting part is a bit tricky as there are some fine details. Handpainting this details really brings out the full spendor of the kit. I like the way that he can put on the Zaku II mask to turn into Zaku II. This disguise, I will show it in the photo shoot coming up which most probably will include the Kakou brothers as well.

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  1. good job like always. all bb gundam is like that, easy to build but pain in the @ss to paint XD

  2. Wanted to see him put on his Zaku mask. Hee! Hee! I think also disguise well as a F91. From the look, I can't tell it's a F91.

  3. @Ryu
    Haha... I'm in total agreement with you.
    I also can't tell too as it dun really have any defining characteristics from the F91. Stay tune for the Zaku mask XD

  4. Errr, from what point is this fellow an F91? I only see that the feet resembles it hahaha. :D
    Nice paint bro as usual.

  5. @canopy
    Haha... I can't really find any similarities between it and the F91 too. Maybe the red chin as well XD


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