Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Kakouton Giros Part 1

For the next project I am working on is the BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Kakouton Giros. Most probably I will focus on the Sangokuden series for some time as I have to clear my backlog fast. And the fastest kits to clear are the Sangokuden series kits. Now on with the introduction work.

According to the three kingdoms story, he is one bad ass tough guy. It is said that when his eye was struck by an arrow, he pulled the injured eyeball out and ate it himself. Brrr.... that is one gross guy. Anyway we proceed with the deboxing.


Box cover

Box contents

The runners and the foil stickers

The instruction manual comes with a comic.
Painting of runners

After analysing the box cover of the kit, decided to paint the kit the kit instead of using the foil stickers. I prefer painting the parts while they are still on their runners. It is less messy this way as my fingers will not smudge the paint all over the place.

                                                    Before and after painting.

                                       Before and after painting of second runner

                                         Before and after painting of third runner


Only the blue foil sticker is used for the eyes, the rest is all hand painted
Parts of the arm to be assembled

Both the arms assembled
Torso n waist
Parts of the torso to be assembled

Torso assembled

The skirt to be assembled

The skirt armor assembled
Parts of the legs to be assembled

The legs assembled
 The assembling of the legs brings an end to the day's work. I will be focusing of the assembly of the various parts in the next post. The painting and the drying of the paint took me the whole night to complete. Stay tune for the next post.


  1. Kakouton Giros ain't really to my liking but the word on his head is a good design.

  2. @Dennis
    The words on the foreheads of the sangokuden are interesting aspects of the design. Gives them a sense of identity.


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