Thursday, August 4, 2011

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Kakouton Giros Part 2

As to continue from the last post, I was working on the Kakouton Giros from the Sangokuden series. Most of the parts were assembled and this post will mainly focus on assembling this parts together and of course, his sword.

Assembling the various body parts

Left with the head

He looks a bit bare without his armor

Working on his helmet next

The helmet assembled

He looks better with the helmet on

Adding on the shoulder armor

Now it is time to work on the sword next. Kakouton's sword is rather unique as it can transform into a whip-like weapon with the metal chain attached in the sword.
First step in assembling the weapon

There goes in the tip of the blade

The sword completed

Project Kakouton Giros completed!

Kakouton Giros has been completed. I am now thinking of whether to do a shoot of him or finish building his brother, Kakouenn Daras, before doing a shoot of them  both together. We shall see.

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  1. better be careful when open the sword as i break the chain when i open it, now it can't extend due to the chain break haha

  2. @Ryu
    Thanks for the reminder. Sorry to hear about your kit's mishap.

  3. A whip sword! That's interesting! Anyway, those chome pattern of the kit, they are nicely painted, mine is also out of alignment. Wonder why?

  4. @Dennis
    I think the poor snap fitting plays a part in the alignment problem XD


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