Monday, August 29, 2011

Work in progress 1/144 Mobile Sumo - Part 1

Although I have mentioned recently that I will be focusing on my SD kits from the Sangokuden series, I cannot help myself when I was looking through my backlogs and found this, the Mobile Sumo from the Turn A Gundam series. It is a no grade 1/144 scale kit. I have bought this on Ebay a couple of years back. This will be my first kit from the series.

Box cover

Meanwhile, I will share some information about the mobile suit before starting on the WIP of the kit.

When the Dianna Counter forces arrived on Earth to begin colonization, they brought a variety of mobile suits with them, including the MRC-F20 SUMO. One of the most famous during the conflict was the gold colored one piloted by Royal Guard captain Harry Ord. The standard model, however, came in a white-silver color. As the acronym implied, the SUMO was meant for maneuvering. It was short and light weight, much like the Earth Militia's Turn -99 (WD-M01) ∀ Gundam. In fact, both the SUMO and the Turn A shared the same pelvis cockpit system. When Loran Cehack abandoned the Turn A with his Core Fighter, Gym Ghingnham had a SUMO cockpit retrofitted onto the Turn A for use by his own forces.

Though the SUMO was designed mainly for use in space or on the Moon, it was quite versatile on Earth as well. The addition of a skirt-like flight booster allowed extended flight or flight high in the Earth's atmosphere. The SUMO's armament consisted mainly of a powerful hand beam gun, as well as a heat fan that served as a melee weapon. Another weapon in the SUMO's arsenal was the IF generator, a device that allowed the SUMO to create an I-field. When several SUMO units used their IF generators together, it could create a powerful force field to hold another suit in place.


Box contents

The runners

Foil stickers

Instruction manual

Before painting
The original colour of the runner is more grey then silver, therefore I decided to spray paint the runner in the chrome silver. This colour matches more with the original design.

After painting

After spray painting, I am quite satisfied with the colour of the final product. I have to leave the runner to dry overnight before I can proceed on with the build.

In the meantime, the latest trailer for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Epsode 4 has been released!


  1. wow... that 1 old collection u got there.

  2. @Killian
    Haha... I've got quite a no. of old kits in my backlog XD

  3. Man, this is one vintage kit. Nice touch of chrome.

  4. @MaftyNavue
    Thanks. I got a soft spot for the older kits.

    Thanks. I am satisfied with the chrome finish as well XD


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