Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work in progress Mobile Sumo 1/144 - Part 2

As continued from the last post, I spray painted the runner chrome silver and left it overnight to dry. After that, it is safe to work on the build. I was pretty excited as this would be my first build from the Turn A series. I have watched the series and it was an enjoyable experience. Further more this kit is shiny which adds to my delight.

Parts of the arms to be assembled

The arm assembled

Front and back of the arm painted

The head consists of 2 parts

Putting the head together

Working on the torso next

Torso painted!
Parts of the leg to be assembled

Leg assembled

Both the legs completed and painted
Adding the hips

Attaching the torso with the cockpit capsule

Adding the arms next

Mobile Sumo completed!
The Mobile Sumo has been completed. As for its weapons, I will introduce them next in the Sumo's photo shoot. I still have some kits from the Turn A series to be built but I will hold them off for a while as my focus is still on the Sangokuden kits. Now is time for me to take a well-earned rest.

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