Thursday, August 18, 2011

Work in progress BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Kakouenn Daras - Part 1

My last kit was working on the SD Kakouton Giros.  During that WIP, I mentioned that I was going to work on his brother, SD Kakouenn Daras next. My next project is where I deliver my promise. If you have notice from the box art, Kakouenn Daras is quite similar to Kakouton Giros in terms of design.

Box cover

Box contents

The runners

The foil stickers

The manual cum comic

Painting the eyes instead of using foil stickers this time

Painting his insignia on his forehead

Adding his mouth piece
Painting of parts in their runners

Before painting

After painting
I chose to paint some of the parts while they are still attached to their runners so as not to smudge them.

Torso & Skirt
The torso

Adding of the chest and painting it

The skirt before painting

After painting
Assembling the arms
Showing the soles of feet painted

The feet painted

Attaching the legs
Attaching the arms to the torso

Left with only the head

Head attached

Basic form completed!
I have completed the basic form of the Kakouenn Daras so far. I want to complete this build as soon as possible so that I can proceed with the photo shoot with the Kakouton Giros as mentioned in the last build. As I am clearing my backlog at the moment, so I will focus on building my SD kits as they take up less time time as compared to my HGs and MGs.

I am now also in the midst of tidying up my comics collection as my room is due to be painted soon. Below is a glimpse of a small part of my collection.

I didn't really realise that my collection has built up over the years

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