Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gashapon madness - Seed Destiny

In conjunction with my earlier post about gashapons of Gundam Seed Destiny, I opened another pack which I had bought also from my Taipei trip.

sealed in smaill plastic bags

Dearka Elsman - ZAFT ace pilot continued over from the Seed series

Yzak Joule - ZAFT ace pilot , also continued from the Seed series

Both of them are buddies in both series

Cagalli Yula Athha - Leader of the Orb Union who pilots the Akatsuki Gundam in her spare time

Lunamaria Hawke - ZAFT pilot who pilots her custom Gunner Zaku Warrior & the Force Impulse Gundam

Just felt that they should stand next to each other for this pic

Shinn Asuka - One of the main characters who is in his civilian clothes

Maya Asuka - Sister of Shinn who died from the stray crossfire from the Freedom gundam

Brother & sister moment

Lacus Clyne - Never seen her in this way in the series I think

Group photo

Overall the detailing is fair. I like the overall feel of the product. I think I would display right beside their respective Mobile Suits if there is a chance.  Not bad for a gashapon figure. Still no Kira in sight. Have to step up my search the. XD


  1. how come shin n maya got a log and the rest got no extra accessory lol

  2. @Ryu
    Haha... I dun understand too. Maybe the manufacturers think that the rest already look good enough without the accesories. Whho knows... XD


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